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A wee bit about me...Well I'm married to Fiona and have 3 kids. I have been here since Dec 2009 serving in the church, connecting in the community and just love seeing lives transformed by Jesus. 

I love music and playing guitar, I love my wee old rickety boat heading down to Loch Lomond and enjoy messing about with video editing and production. My passion is that people would discover the impact real faith in a real God makes to real life - day by day! 


Youth & Kids

Emma is awesome! She grew up in Craighalbert Church and went to train at Tilsley College, Capenwray and worked as a trainee instructor with Abernethy outdoor activity centre. 

Emma started with us in January 2021 and has been working to keep the young people connected, help them grow in their faith as well as creating some new youth groups during this time. 

Emma loves the outdoors, music and good food! 

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